About Us

We are Different

People start companies for all kinds of reasons. They want to make tons of money or build a cool new thing and bring it to market. Companies are also started out of a passion for an industry with an eye on making it better.

These companies are often founded in a grass roots....passionate, work out of Aunt Betty's garage kind of way. They are nurtured with an unwavering drive to show the world something different, something better. ROI was founded in a garage many years ago with a simple idea...

Be Different

Lets face it, the exhibit industry falls somewhere between the proverbial used car salesman and divorce attorney. It is often so bad, so absurdly, and but for the immense cost involved, comically bad that you have to ask yourself why? The simple answer is, it works!

Where else can you take a product, service or brand and proudly display it for people..... targeted people who usually invest a significant amount of time and money to come and see, hear or touch? Talk about a hyper focused audience!

So, what's a group of creative, hyper, handy and energetic people who happen to LOVE the Trade Show business left to do?

Do we simply join in and charge vague, over-inflated prices, offer laughable customer service like the status quo, or do we try something BOLD?

We chose to Be Different and we never looked back.

The Diehards